Feel Good Friday

There is a lot of negativity in the world right now, no more so than usual, but a light has been shined upon it. Rather than focus on that, I wanted to think about the things in my life that keep me busy and away from these troubled times.


That’s a lot of spears.

So the main games I’ve been using as a form of escapism are Mount & Blade: Warband. I’ve been playing lots of this game and I have already reviewed it in a previous post. But for some reason, I keep going back to it regardless of what games I have recently received.

A game I have received, as a rental from Boomerang rentals, is Pokemon Shield. There are many improvements over old games, but it remains the same in most aspects. There will be a review coming in the next few weeks.

Watering the dog

I have recently won an auction for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on the Nintendo Gamecube. I have heard this is the best game in the series. The last Harvest Moon game I played was on the Gameboy Advance, which was many years ago. Again this will be reviewed in the future.

You’ve got mail!

The reason I wanted to play Harvest Moon, is because I have been playing Stardew Valley. It’s a great game to just chill and relax to. The music is soothing and there is no real rush to do anything. A review will be up on Monday.


Since finishing Bleak Harbor I have now started to pick up the pace with my reading. I am currently reading Angel & Demons by Dan Brown, which is all about a mysterious organisation. It ticks all the boxes I like, such as an investigation, science and a menacing agency which pulls the strings. As of writing, I’m only 50 pages in and do not know where it will take me. 

Kindle, my backlog on my Kindle is probably worse than my backlog of games on all my devices. I find that I can only read one book at a time, I tried leaving a book at work and having one for home but then one book wins out and I get disinterested in the other book. So, for now, my main focus is going to be physical books. I really can’t wait for the library to open so I can start reading a lot more. Expect a review of Angel & Demons in the coming weeks.


I’ve been watching a few different channels on YouTube, none of them gaming related. The main one I have been watching is Beard Brothers. They are British duo that goes on bike tours around England and it has been interesting watching them cover mile after mile while seeing all the gear they need.

GMBN, Global Mountain Bike Network, is my go-to at the moment for all things on a bike. With the lockdown, one of their presenters, Blake Samson, has been building a bike a cave as well as involving his family in the videos which have made for very interesting watching. If you love mountain biking this is the channel for you. They also have a podcast.


How could I write a blog post without mentioning the blogs I have been reading? So the first one is called Scottish Bike Touring and is run by Jim Taylor. Following on from the bike touring theme I love to read stories of people touring their countryside using bikes and Taylor nails it. He provides brilliant descriptions of his surroundings and makes you feel like you have been there.

A game focused blog I read is The Gaming Diaries, it is run by a female UK based female gamer. She provides brief reviews on a variety of games that she has played throughout while providing insights into her life. She also posts a lot on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

There is plenty in the World to fight for, but we should all take time out for ourselves each day. So what have you been doing to relieve the stresses and negativity of everyday life?

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