I Want to Race

So, I have been riding my bike if you did not already know. Now normally it would be a few weeks/months and then I’d get bored and move on to something else (equally expensive) however, I don’t want this to happen this time around, I’ve already invested in bike gear may as well make use of them.

How am I going to do that, I hear you ask? Well, easy, I am going to participate in a Mountain biking Enduro at some point. This all depends on what happens with the lockdown, if it dies down by Summer there may be an Enduro I can participate in this year, otherwise it will be the new year when I participate.

What is an Enduro?

A Mountain Bike Enduro is a time attack race, there are multiple stages on average there is around five stages. You race one stage and once you finish it you then make your way to the next stage. The stages consist of mixture of downhill and a lot of pedalling. At the end of the event your time is added up which gives you the final time. Then the fastest time wins. I enjoy the fact that it isn’t about the person who can sprint the fastest moreover it is about the person who can be consistently fast throughout the whole competition.

A video explanation of Enduro

The Workout

I’ve looked online for various training plans and also watched YouTube videos on what is required and will be putting that newfound knowledge to formulate a battle plan so that come the race I will make it to the end, and possibly place well but, I am happy enough just to finish the race.

Below is my plan:

TaskLong RideBike WorkoutRestLong RideRestBike WorkoutRest/Long Ride

The workout will consist of first ten second sprints followed by ten second rest, rinse and repeat five times. Once they have been completed, I will do a Pyramid sprint which consists of 10 seconds of sprinting and 50 seconds of resting, 20 seconds of sprinting and 40 seconds of rest and so on. Once I hit 1 minute of sprinting the rest period increase by ten and the sprinting decreases by ten. This certainly gets the blood pumping and I feel worn out by the end.

Long rides consist of increasing duration of time out on the bike at a steady speed to maintain my cadence around 70 with the aim to just get as far as possible while being able to get back in time for work on the workdays. So far I have been averaging around 4 – 6 miles for almost a full hour of riding which is nowhere near the pace I used to be able to do when I was younger and apparently fitter considering I barely exercised back then at all.

Rest days may not be just be me sitting back on the sofa relaxing. They could include small strength training exercises or stretching so that I keep relatively active throughout the whole week. Sunday is a weird one, I’ve put both a rest or a long ride, this totally depends on how I am feeling on the day and if I’m doing anything that I need to do, in that respect Saturday and Sunday should probably be interchangeable as I’m more likely to do things on Saturday but we shall see.

The plan is subject to change while I learn the limitations and abilities of my body as I go through the training.


My bike

The gear I will be using are as follows: Carrera Vulcan 2019 everything stock, Cadence meter and fingers crossed if I can get one either a Garmin or Wahoo fitness computer which can be connected to multiple of different sensors to provide the information that will help me gauge how well I am doing and being able to compare my results against previous results and see the improvements. In the meantime, I must rely on my trusty iPhone to connect to the sensors and provide all the information I need. To keep track of all this information I have two choices, Strava or Training Peaks. I am on a Premium trial on both and will write a review on both and comparing the two to see which one suits my needs, and hopefully help you if you are going down a similar path.

Final Thoughts

I am really looking forward to making progress and having something to show for it. I have been watching countless videos of people competing at an Enduro and it looks like a lot of fun, a lot of work, but a lot of fun, nonetheless. I will be posting updates during Friday Features and mainly on my Twitter or Instagram.

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe.

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