Ashes of Raging Water

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The book follows Quayla a water phoenix of Atlanta part of the Atlanta Shield. A group of phoenixes that protect the mortal world from threats from demon entities. Before the start of the book, Quayla caused millions of humans to die due to a mistake she made. A few centuries later and she is trying to restore the rest of the shield’s trust. With a tip off from a pixie, she finds an Arch (a portal the demons come through) and tries to save puppies and other stray animals from being taken into the arch. She fails again causing her to die and some of the strays were lost to the demons. She is reborn into a new human body and is having to learn to adjust to it since she has a mortal lover who is aware of her abilities.

What I Liked

I liked the idea of phoenixes taking the shape of humans to protect the world, and the way Allen makes you interested into their lives and how even thought they have all these power, they are slaves to the cause of protecting the human race.

The point of view is really good, it is split across multiple phoenixes withing the Atlanta shield however it still manages to maintain it’s focus solely on Quayla just from another point of view, which so far I haven’t come across in my years of reading for enjoyment.

Dylan, Quayla’s mortal boyfriend does not fall into any clichés. Throughout the start of the book, Quayla is constantly worries that Dylan would hate her new form and it would spell the end of her relationship. But, it does not after a small argument they are back together, and he spoils her which is a nice relief to the concerns Qualya has.

What I Did not Like

The start of the book, Allen throws around a lot of phrases and a little bit of world building that does get quite confusing. However, this is not totally negative as you do spend your time trying to learn the world and how everything fits in.

Vitae, he is one of those must follow the rules to the letter kind of people. He is constantly belittling Qualya even when his superiors are impressed with her. It just seems annoying, but it does drive the story on and explains why Qualya is in such a desperate need to impress.

Final Thoughts

It is a great start for a new fantasy series and cannot wait to see more of the world throughout the series. This book gets 5/5 purely for the fact that I will be going back for a reread in the not too distant future since I now understand the characters.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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