Podcasts and Biking

Working from home is hard, there are far too many distractions and it is so easy to ignore work and get side tracked into something else. The one thing that has helped me stay focus the past four weeks is by listening to podcasts. I find that I am less likely to be put off what I am doing and it keeps me interested. So what do I listen to?

MTB Tribe

The first podcast I’ve been listening to is MTB Tribe.

It is hosted by Gareth who is from Northern Ireland, he interviews various different people from the mountain bike scene. I find the interviews interesting and has exposed me to various publications and other things related to mountain biking which I have been increasingly getting interested in.


The other podcast I’m listening to is GMBN.

I haven’t listened to this one as much, but it’s very interesting and about the same sort of things.


So I’ve been cycling again all through the week, almost every lunchtime. It is so relaxing and allows me to focus on just one thing and being able to forget what is going on at work. On Friday I took a new route, which extends to Cardington which is a beautiful little village.

My bike in Cardington

The ride was very enjoyable and I am hoping to do more rides to different destinations in the coming weeks.

What have you been doing to keep active?

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