Harry Potter and the Year-Long Lockdown

As we continue our lockdown, we’ve started to re-watch the Harry Potter films, as of writing we have finished The Half-Blood Prince and will be watching the final two films shortly.

Almost every year without fail we re-watch the series, while we haven’t re-watched the Fantastic Beasts’ series we cannot wait for the next film to come out to see how Dumbledore confronts Grindelwald, but that isn’t due until next year at the earliest.

Yer’ a Wizard ‘arry

The first film is probably the happiest of the bunch and probably the most exciting. Young Harry Potter discovers his heritage and starts down his journey of becoming a fully-fledged wizard. He battles Voldemort for the first time (second if you count when he was an infant) and comes out the winner. From what I remember from the books there is quite a lot missing. The second film Harry starts to realise he is slightly different and again beats Voldy. The third film is the first and only time Harry doesn’t battle the ministry but battles his minions and goes up against the ministry. The fourth film is when Voldemort is reborn, and the films get darker and darker until the final film.

Looking Back

It’s crazy to think it’ll be twenty years since the first film was filmed and to look back at the films you can start to pick at things as time goes by. Like in the third film, who is that random child who pipes up whenever something needs to be explained and what happened to him the following years? Where was Dobby during the films between Chamber of Secrets and the Deathly Hallows? What’s in it for Peter Pettigrew? What happened to Quidditch? All of these questions are answered in the books (I don’t know about the random child, however) It has made me want to reread the entire series…well maybe listen to the Audiobooks at the very least.

Theories Are Like Names; Everyone Should Have One

Due to the openededness of the books, many theories about a multitude of different things have been explained by theorists. One such theory is that Dumbledore created a Horcrux, another that the archway was a way of executing criminals. It is such an interesting world that J.K. Rowling has created which has led to so many different theories and her fans cannot wait for the next films to explain more. Do you have theories that you believe in?

Other Beautifully Created Worlds

There are so many worlds created by talented authors that we can get lost in during these trying times and even when they are over. You may have your own, that is waiting to be put onto paper/screen. If that is something you have, maybe try NaNoWriMo. For November, writers across the globe write throughout November to hit a target, usually 50,000 words. I’ve only managed it once, however, I aim to participate this year. To finish this post, I have three questions for you:

  1. Will you participate this year?
  2. What are some story worlds that you would love to be part of?
  3. What’s your favourite Harry Potter book/film?

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