Feature Friday: Biking and Other Updates

Maybe we should change it to Saturday S… No, can’t think of anything that is alliterative. This week has been an interesting one, the lockdown has been extended for a further three weeks in the United Kingdom. I’ve struggled to get various things from the local supermarket, but other than that I’m alive and well. Still working from home which is still difficult to get used to.


In the UK, we are allowed to go out for one hour for physical exercise per day. Before this week the only exercise I was getting was moving from my desk to another room in the house or the shop at the supermarket. However, this week I decided to get the bike out and spend my lunch out on it. It was bought using the cycle2work scheme and I did use it for quite a few months before the bad weather put me off and I walked to work instead. One of the inner tubes then had a puncture and then the whole thing was put in a storage area to gather dust and remain unused until last Saturday.

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

I pulled it out and the only noticeable change was just a few cobwebs and cat fur. The other tyre had remained without a puncture, while the punctured tire had deflated quite a bit. At the time, I thought maybe there wasn’t a puncture and reinflated the tyre. I left it overnight and sure enough, it deflated. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown and it being Easter Sunday no shops were open so had to wait until the Monday before I could go to our local bike shop Halfords. They had an odd set up to deal with the lockdown, customers would queue up 2 metres apart and once you were at the front of the queue you couldn’t go in the store, there was a makeshift desk at the front and you requested what you wanted to buy. It didn’t take them long to provide a new inner tube and a puncture repair kit. Now, I’m no mechanic I can generally fix the very limited amount of things around the house though YouTube is a godsend for those sort of things. It took me the best part of an hour to remove the tyre, then the old inner tube and insert the new tube ane get it to pump up, which considering a few years ago I struggled with that on my old bike and eventually got rid of it, is a good start.

Tuesday was the first time I went out on the bike, it felt soo wrong it felt slow and was not responding as much as I was used to. I managed to identify the issue (the other tyre had deflated a little bit) and I was back on the bike in very little time. The gears took a little while to set themselves up correctly but after a while, I was pedalling along and learning the routes I could take. Each day I progressed further and further seeing new places and really appreciating that the lockdown means very little traffic. The bike paths are numerous once you leave the main roads and the days were beautiful. It is so nice to get out and do something active even considering that I am quite lazy generally. So if you have a bike, now is the best time to go out and ride it, build your confidence up for when the traffic returns to the roads. It is also easier to keep away from other people riding a bike than jogging. But, please be sensible we don’t want too many people bunched up together resulting in total lockdown.

Final Fantasy X/X2

Game-wise we’ve started playing Final Fantasy X, I’m so excited to show my fiancee how much I love this game even though there are soo many cringy parts. see Tidus and Yuna’s laughing scene. I’ve also been playing some GT Sport on the PS4, mainly time attacks so that I can get a decent qualifying place on the online mode. It’s such a brilliant racing experience and the online focus is on sportsmanship so if you hit other racers you are penalised, though sometimes the system does get it wrong such as you may get hit in the back and then hit someone else, you bother will then get a penalty. But due to the threat of the system other players seem to drive on their best behaviour. I wish I had a wheel though as it seems to make driving easier.
Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

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