Kingdom Hearts Completed, But I’m Not Done Yet

I completed the story of Kingdom Hearts on Friday. It was an awesome game and I enjoyed every minute of it. Donald didn’t play up this time around and has been far more useful than Goofy., however the ending was awful. Since I am playing this with my Fiancee, she expects me to complete everything in the game and leave no stone unturned, unless that stone is the Gummi ships then she would rather not. We are currently grinding away to get all the materials required for the Ultima weapon, then we will be heading for the Hades Cup to hopefully complete it with very little trouble.

I have no idea why you would want to put yourself under so much pressure by recording this game!

So what is next? Well I’m hoping to convince her that once done with the first game, we can move to play Final Fantasy X, my favourite game in the whole wide world. I love to play it and it was especially brilliant for bonding with my younger brother. The turn based combat is perfection and all the extras are beautiful. As I said before, it was created along side Kingdom Hearts and a few of the characters cross over to that game. I believe she will enjoy all the collecting of materials that this game brings which is similar but more frustrating than KH. I will hopefully be doing a review of that game next Monday if I get my wish!

Final Fantasy X

We also have many other of the Final Fantasy games to play from last generation however, Lightning returns can stay on the shelf as we hate the time aspect. Once we complete a Final Fantasy we will be heading back for more Kingdom Hearts with one of the portable games that was released. Hopefully it’ll be just as good as the first one and won’t leave with a awful ending.

Hope you are all keeping safe and well, we are still in lock-down for unforeseeable future but hope that will change by the time our little boy is born, we would like to go for more outdoor walks and try to be more outgoing as even I have my limits on how long I can keep cooped up in our house.

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