Feature Fridays: Avatar The Last Airbender

#LongestHeadlineEver. The date is Monday 30th March. My mind is racing through all the million and one things I need to do: Record footage on 3DS, finish work related problems and then sleep. I bulk recorded a few sessions and managed to put off the work thingy for the next day but how do I relax. I don’t feel like gaming, and everything my partner is watching is not something I’m interested in. So I boot up Netflix and search for something that is relaxing. I see The Last Airbender pop up and I click…a few hours pass and my partner nudges me as its time to go to bed so what happened?

Couldn’t find the Official Trailer

The series takes place in a world full of various Element-centric settlements. In each region you’ll find various Benders (In the UK that means something totally different), they have the power to wield a different element but only one. The series takes place after a hundred year war, where the Fire nation (Fire-benders) invade the other nations and seemingly have succeeded in being the dominant force.

We are introduced to three main protagonists, Aang an airbender who was found frozen in ice near one of the water settlement, Katara a waterbender, and Sokka her brother (Not a bender). The series follows these three around as they go on a journey from the South Pole to the North, so that Katara can be taught how to properly Waterbend. The main Antagonist is a young guy called Zuko, who is a banished prince of the Fire nation.

From Left: Aang, Katara and Sokka

I love that there generally isn’t any brooding moments, and the characters become more interesting as the series progresses. The animation style is beautiful and they do not seem to reuse frames like most shows seem to do, and at times you do feel sorry for the banished prince.

Should I Finish It?

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