First Game Completed, What Next?

As of yesterday I finally completed Final Fantasy I after 27 hours. It took me a bit longer than expected due to keep getting lost and doing some grinding just to make the last few areas easier. I really enjoyed the game and I cannot wait to play the next one.

What a beautiful way to end the game

I’ve already started playing Etrian Odyssey Neus and have found it unique in that the battles and literally everything is done in first person which I am not really used to. As of now I’m currently grinding up levels to be able to beat the first boss. However, I am liking the amount of classes as well as the skill system.

The Trailer

I really had no idea what to expect when I added this to my rental list and so far I’ve been happy, yet even on ‘Basic’ difficulty I’m finding it difficult, far more difficult than any other RPG that I’ve played in the last five years. Am I missing something really obvious? I’m going to attempt a blind playthrough of the game and see how far I can get without resorting to a guide.

Below is my first video playthrough of the game, no voice or face-cam unfortunately. I found it odd, trying to play to a screen and making sure the 3DS was in the correct position. I’m not going to invest in a capture card just yet.

My first YouTube posting

I’ll try to post a mix of video and images of the playthrough but I won’t be filming the whole process as that will take far too long.

Thank you all for reading, and the next post is scheduled this Friday.

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