Final Fantasy I (One): The Journey

Thanks to this backlog challenge I am starting to make headway with this game. I have not yet completed it, but hope to have it done and dusted by the end of this week. Here are my thoughts so far.

The Review

Unlike other titles in the series, you have four party members with no personality or lines, initially, I was a little disappointed however, as time went on it bothered me less and less. The game is told through cut-scenes and text conversations. If you talk to everyone when you visit a new locale you will have the information you need to progress through the story, though there is a lot of reading which can be expected of a title released before voice acting. The levelling up system is very basic, you grind EXP by battling enemies and once you hit a certain amount your characters level up, this, in turn, increases some of their stats. The improvement on stats depends on your class but there are no new skills to learn.

The team a few later levels on.

When you start the game you get to pick the classes of your whole party as well as their name. Pick the wrong combination of classes and you will struggle, so I stuck with two melee classes and two mages which has so far been working well. *SPOILERS* Once you get to a certain point in the game, you can promote your characters to the next class of the same type, such as Thief to Ninja or Mage to Wizard. This opens the doors to more magics that can be learned by that class. Ninja’s get access to black magics and knights get access to white magics. Which is cool to see your character sprites change to more powerful-looking sprites.

The music is also beautifully crafted and is nothing less than we can expect from a Final Fantasy game considering the limitations.

The only issue I’ve had is the map is HUGE! There is no map available for the player to use so you have to do it all from memory. Which, would be fine except you are constantly being thrust into random encounters sometimes when only taking two steps. This can put you off, especially if you’ve got to the boss fight with very low MP. To make it more enjoyable I would recommend finding a map online and printing it off.

I was probably lost at this point

I will finish this game, and I can see how it became such a successful franchise. I just wished more of the titles gave you the same amount of freedom regarding builds. I will probably continue to post on Twitter and Instagram my progress so far, but will only mention it on here once completed.


  • Choice of Classes
  • Simple battle and level up system
  • Lots to explore
  • Graphics on the PSP are amazing

Great musical score


  • Too many random encounters
  • Large area with no map


For all reviews going forward, the game will be rated out of five. 

Final Fantasy I for the Sony PSP receives a 4/5 rating, I cannot wait to play the second iteration of the series.

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