Final Fantasy I

A few years back I started buying up games for the Sony Playstation 2, then I moved onto the Playstation Portable. Two of the games I purchased was Final Fantasy I & II. The very first Final Fantasy, the one that saved Squaresoft (Square Enix now) from failing in the late 80s.

So what do I expect? I expect interesting playable characters and a decent level up system. I expect a great musical score that the rest of the series continually improved on. Will it meet my expectations? Will it be a great entry to the series? Or am I expecting too much for the first game of the series? Only time will tell.

On my Twitter account, I have been doing a play-through of the game so far. It’s been tough, We’ve met my band of adventurers:

The band of adventurers

I may have made a mistake with the class setup, but I’m already too far into the game to really want to go back and change. So far we have learnt that Bergen is a hard hitter, but doesn’t seem to have much in the way of defence. While Elia and Kokkol have definitely been pulling their weight while Wedge smashes the enemies. Since the characters do not have much in the way of backstory or really anything, I’ll have to invent a tale or two about them. Obviously, if the game delves into that at a later point then this will no longer be my canon.

  • Bergen – Headstrong rushes into battle whenever he feels like it. (The leader of the group)
  • Wedge – Every team has a big muscly guy who is a big softy, Wedge has the muscles but doesn’t talk much. He is certainly reliable.
  • Elia – A medic, has saved many a soul from death, the team would more likely fall apart if she wasn’t there.
  • Kokkol – Related to Vivi (FF9), also very shy and is trying to live up to the family name. Can wipe out entire battlefields of enemies if he has the energy.

I am looking forward to seeing how the story evolves and how the characters may evolve. I’ll try and inject more of their personality in the coming days, especially if the playthrough lasts longer than a week. According to, it should take around 35 hours at a leisurely pace or 17 hours on average. At the time of writing, I have been playing it for around 5 hours.

The only question I need to ask is: Should I Finish Final Fantasy?

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