Disgaea 1: Complete (Switch)

An RPG with a wide range of characters. I’ve played other instalments in this series, and what I enjoyed most was the variety of classes that can be selected. Disgaea 1: Complete does not disappoint in that respect.

The graphics are cartoonish, which makes them optimal for the Switch. The characters are brought to life with various poses and the levels themselves are very beautiful and varied. It does take a while to guess what gender a particular class is, however gender doesn’t seem to affect much. Because of the style, it will always be timeless.
When you get to a certain point,  you can unlock a group of levels called the Prinny’s world. This is where the lack of audio samples start to fall flat. The level is full of the same characters who have the same tracks, within their first turn you’ll have to resort to muting the game. But, outside of this level, it is far less repetitive. Just make sure you have it on mute when you begin to power level.

The best aspect, in my opinion, is the class system. There is a huge variety of classes, which include humanoid classes and different enemy species.  As you level up a character they will gain stat bonuses and depending on their class they may also unlock new moves. When a humanoid character has levelled up a specific amount in one class, it unlocks a stronger version of that class that new characters can access. However, if you raise your rank at the Demon assembly you can also Transmigrate your existing character into that new class. The benefit of this is that the character will inherit any moves learnt and will also have greater stats. I wish I had learnt this earlier on, so as not to waste so many characters. Not only can you get access to higher-level classes, but also new classes if you meet the requirements, which usually entails levelling up multiple classes, they are generally more powerful.

The story…well I’ve gotten very far but I don’t care for the story characters at all.
So should I finish Disgaea 1: Complete (Switch Edition)?

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