Final Fantasy XV

A Final Fantasy for old and new fans. I’ve clocked in around 24 hours into this adventure and have yet to scratch the surface or get bored. You play as Noctis, and your party consists of Prompto (Has a Cloud-Esque aesthetic but less brooding), Gladiolus (the tank of the group), Ignis (The smart one), and Regalla (The smooth car, which is a great addition). For fans of the series, it was a shock to find out there were no female members in the party, however, once you’ve spent time with the cast It is unlikely to be on your mind. The story follows the crew making their way to the city to meet with

Noctis’s betrothed which would put an end to the war between the Empire and his hometown.Another change is the combat system, which has become a regular change since FFX, instead of a turn-based menu system, this focuses on a fast-paced system where you can control the main character, the other members of the party attack on their own. It makes battles more energetic and you have to think on your feet more, there are also far fewer abilities yet it still feels like a deep system nonetheless.

The levelling up system is unique as well, through battles you gain Exp, however, this Exp can only be spent on levelling up when your party rests. If you rest at a camp there is no bonus to this Exp, however, if you stay at motels, hotels and caravans you get a multiplier to the exp. At the beginning of the game, there is a resort which pays 2x Exp but the cost of staying there is 10,000 Gil. This just one half of the progression system, the other part is called Ascension. You earn AP when battling enemies, which can then be spent on a wide variety of perks. There is one section of perks which increases the opportunities to get more AP and eventually Exp which I recommend worth getting as soon as possible.

So Should I Finish Final Fantasy XV?

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