First Game Completed, What Next?

As of yesterday I finally completed Final Fantasy I after 27 hours. It took me a bit longer than expected due to keep getting lost and doing some grinding just to make the last few areas easier. I really enjoyed the game and I cannot wait to play the next one.

What a beautiful way to end the game

I’ve already started playing Etrian Odyssey Neus and have found it unique in that the battles and literally everything is done in first person which I am not really used to. As of now I’m currently grinding up levels to be able to beat the first boss. However, I am liking the amount of classes as well as the skill system.

The Trailer

I really had no idea what to expect when I added this to my rental list and so far I’ve been happy, yet even on ‘Basic’ difficulty I’m finding it difficult, far more difficult than any other RPG that I’ve played in the last five years. Am I missing something really obvious? I’m going to attempt a blind playthrough of the game and see how far I can get without resorting to a guide.

Below is my first video playthrough of the game, no voice or face-cam unfortunately. I found it odd, trying to play to a screen and making sure the 3DS was in the correct position. I’m not going to invest in a capture card just yet.

My first YouTube posting

I’ll try to post a mix of video and images of the playthrough but I won’t be filming the whole process as that will take far too long.

Thank you all for reading, and the next post is scheduled this Friday.

Updates and Other Interesting Things

Hi all, I just wanted to keep you up to date with the things going on in my world and what will be changing in the coming weeks:


I will be aiming to blog at least twice a week, one will be about the game I’m trying to complete and the other will be a feature piece on wherever the mood takes me. The first blog of the schedule will be on Monday and will be about the closing moments of Final Fantasy I and the next game in my backlog. For those that follow me on Twitter you should already know, if not see below:

Other Changes

The other change is the URL for the blog, it now has its own web domain: which is really exciting, because of this I have now made a monetary commitment to the site since I am money-focused it is a great way to motivate me to work on the site and be very regular. I have the domain name leased for at one year, so if within a year I start to falter, then I’ve got something to lose.


As you are probably well aware, the UK (where I reside) is currently on lock-down, which means no trips out to buy new things which will save me money hopefully, and luckily I can work from the comfort of my home which I think is a blessing. I do not work in the NHS, but I am considered a ‘key worker’ so if I didn’t have the ability to work from home, I would have to work in the office. Which isn’t a bad thing, especially considering how big it has become. I’m not going to dwell on it any longer as I’m sure you’re being bombarded enough already.

Personal Life

So my home life is changing in a big way, I currently live with my fiance and two cats (Queenie and Mittens), but that will be changing in a few months as we look forward to welcoming a new human into our family. We are both so excited and have the majority of the things we need. The nursery is all painted and just needs some finishing touches, which I wish I left for later since I’m housebound but oh well. I cannot wait to introduce them to video games and all the things I love. Hopefully, they will love Batman as much as I did and still do.


At the time of writing, I am so close to completing Final Fantasy I. I have really enjoyed the experience and the remastered graphics really make it so much nicer on the eye. I can’t imagine what it was like when the game first came out, and now we’re up to the 15th main instalment and I’ve only completed three so far (IX, X & XIII), I’ve completed a few sequels to those titles as well, I will revert back to them if I ever complete the backlog or I need a familiar game to play.
Anyway, that’s all for today, keep safe and hope you are making a dent in whatever sized backlogs they have.

Oh and if anyone has any series that they recommend both video games or TV please let me know. I haven’t watched a good TV series in a while.

Final Fantasy I (One): The Journey

Thanks to this backlog challenge I am starting to make headway with this game. I have not yet completed it, but hope to have it done and dusted by the end of this week. Here are my thoughts so far.

The Review

Unlike other titles in the series, you have four party members with no personality or lines, initially, I was a little disappointed however, as time went on it bothered me less and less. The game is told through cut-scenes and text conversations. If you talk to everyone when you visit a new locale you will have the information you need to progress through the story, though there is a lot of reading which can be expected of a title released before voice acting. The levelling up system is very basic, you grind EXP by battling enemies and once you hit a certain amount your characters level up, this, in turn, increases some of their stats. The improvement on stats depends on your class but there are no new skills to learn.

The team a few later levels on.

When you start the game you get to pick the classes of your whole party as well as their name. Pick the wrong combination of classes and you will struggle, so I stuck with two melee classes and two mages which has so far been working well. *SPOILERS* Once you get to a certain point in the game, you can promote your characters to the next class of the same type, such as Thief to Ninja or Mage to Wizard. This opens the doors to more magics that can be learned by that class. Ninja’s get access to black magics and knights get access to white magics. Which is cool to see your character sprites change to more powerful-looking sprites.

The music is also beautifully crafted and is nothing less than we can expect from a Final Fantasy game considering the limitations.

The only issue I’ve had is the map is HUGE! There is no map available for the player to use so you have to do it all from memory. Which, would be fine except you are constantly being thrust into random encounters sometimes when only taking two steps. This can put you off, especially if you’ve got to the boss fight with very low MP. To make it more enjoyable I would recommend finding a map online and printing it off.

I was probably lost at this point

I will finish this game, and I can see how it became such a successful franchise. I just wished more of the titles gave you the same amount of freedom regarding builds. I will probably continue to post on Twitter and Instagram my progress so far, but will only mention it on here once completed.


  • Choice of Classes
  • Simple battle and level up system
  • Lots to explore
  • Graphics on the PSP are amazing

Great musical score


  • Too many random encounters
  • Large area with no map


For all reviews going forward, the game will be rated out of five. 

Final Fantasy I for the Sony PSP receives a 4/5 rating, I cannot wait to play the second iteration of the series.

Final Fantasy I

A few years back I started buying up games for the Sony Playstation 2, then I moved onto the Playstation Portable. Two of the games I purchased was Final Fantasy I & II. The very first Final Fantasy, the one that saved Squaresoft (Square Enix now) from failing in the late 80s.

So what do I expect? I expect interesting playable characters and a decent level up system. I expect a great musical score that the rest of the series continually improved on. Will it meet my expectations? Will it be a great entry to the series? Or am I expecting too much for the first game of the series? Only time will tell.

On my Twitter account, I have been doing a play-through of the game so far. It’s been tough, We’ve met my band of adventurers:

The band of adventurers

I may have made a mistake with the class setup, but I’m already too far into the game to really want to go back and change. So far we have learnt that Bergen is a hard hitter, but doesn’t seem to have much in the way of defence. While Elia and Kokkol have definitely been pulling their weight while Wedge smashes the enemies. Since the characters do not have much in the way of backstory or really anything, I’ll have to invent a tale or two about them. Obviously, if the game delves into that at a later point then this will no longer be my canon.

  • Bergen – Headstrong rushes into battle whenever he feels like it. (The leader of the group)
  • Wedge – Every team has a big muscly guy who is a big softy, Wedge has the muscles but doesn’t talk much. He is certainly reliable.
  • Elia – A medic, has saved many a soul from death, the team would more likely fall apart if she wasn’t there.
  • Kokkol – Related to Vivi (FF9), also very shy and is trying to live up to the family name. Can wipe out entire battlefields of enemies if he has the energy.

I am looking forward to seeing how the story evolves and how the characters may evolve. I’ll try and inject more of their personality in the coming days, especially if the playthrough lasts longer than a week. According to, it should take around 35 hours at a leisurely pace or 17 hours on average. At the time of writing, I have been playing it for around 5 hours.

The only question I need to ask is: Should I Finish Final Fantasy?

(Finished) Disgaea 1 Complete

Finally first game completed of 2020 and we’re only in March. Towards the end of the main campaign, I did start to feel for the characters but it was a little too late. I was thinking of 100% completing the game but I’ve already spent over 100 hours on this title and I have no drive to step back into it.
So would I recommend this title? Yes, I loved the class system and the grinding was fun. I’ll give the Disgaea series a break for now and move onto something else, but will probably return to it in the foreseeable future.
The next game on my list is the very first Final Fantasy and I will be playing the ‘Remastered’ version on the PlayStation Portable. I will post about it tomorrow.
What games are you looking to complete this year?

Final Fantasy XV Progress…

…or lack thereof. I’ve been playing this title whenever I have a spare moment and I am really enjoying it. But I just can’t bring myself to continue with the story, I’m constantly being pulled around by the many side quests. Unlike other main FF titles, there are tons of them, which I’m starting to think maybe a bit of an issue. Has anyone else run into this as an issue? It’s one of the main reasons I’ve not completed Skyrim. Think my main focus will now be Disgaea 1, as it needs to be sent back to Boomerang so I can pick another game to add to the list.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week, and keep safe.

2020: The Year of the Backlog

While reading other blogs such as Later Levels, I have been inspired to work on my backlog, both on Steam and all my consoles. I have a fair few titles ranging from the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 1/2/3/4 and Xbox 360/One to name a few.

My main focus is Disgaea 1, which I reviewed previously but I have not yet completed. I aim to complete this by the weekend. Then start working on my other titles. I will create a new page which lists my titles and the status of them to both keep track and motivate me. Wish me luck!

And good luck to anyone else attempting this momentous task.